22nd October 2018 Rob Jones


Our BNB is really a tree house set on the edge of woodland in a secluded valley.

We have stayed in some very good hotels around the country this summer that has helped us put our own effort into perspective so we want to announce that we are not just any old BNB but by anyone’s standards we are not just up there with the best boutique hotels but we surpass even them.

The secret to this success is the combination of the luxury inside and the peace outside with the unique way in which you can be totally private and undisturbed for the duration of your stay or for as long as you like. Your own front door and separate access and parking. Staying with us is utterly undemanding.

Annie’s luxury touches to the homemade foods that we provide you make this all absolutely delicious -earl grey with the prunes, apple and ginger compote, fresh blackcurrant jam from the garden with leaf added for that green cabernet twang, apricot jam with some kernels for the almondy background hum, real fresh orange juice, proper coffee with your own pot, unusual teas – I could go on. The real beauty though is you have it when you want, when you fancy it, when the mood takes you. No menus to mark up, no hackneyed breakfasts with the hosts at a set hour – so forget the time.

The bedding and level of sleep comfort we have not experienced anywhere else – not anywhere, not even near.

We have decided to give up pricing at different rates throughout the year having discovered ourselves that when you want to go somewhere the price is really academic – whatever dates you want from now on it will be all the same 365 days the same. It’s simple uncomplicated and undemanding so just do it.

We have also decided that we do not any longer want or need to be on AIRBNB or any other listing site where quality seems to be the last consideration and cost to our guests goes up. Also our partnership with Sawdays will sadly end this year as we are simply too small / too boutique for their pricing regime. Find us on Google maps and call us in person and we will tell you our availability and the price but reckon on a minimum of £100 per night any night of the year. We do not increase our prices during the school holidays but we will expect more at times when we might not really want the business like Easter or Christmas or new year so you will be asked to tempt us.

Lastly we will not accept bookings from mobile phones or anybody without a home address / home telephone number and most importantly an email from you. If you are of the younger generation or have forgotten your manners sorry but this is how we do it. You know who we are so the least you can do is return the compliment.

If you are a past custmomer, and we have now had 88 guests since starting The Dairy Loft and many repeat visits, nothing changes. Our best to all. Rob & Annie.

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